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Fri, 26/07/2013
by Arcangelo Bimbo Prysmian Group has recently launched the eco-friendly cable P-Laser, made with an innovative technology for the production of cables for the distribution of electricity for the utilities sector. From an environmental point of view, the P-Laser has a revolutionary high-performance...
alstom e intel
Wed, 24/07/2013
Alstom Grid and Intel today signed a global agreement to combine expertise and work together on solutions and technologies for smart grids and smart cities.   he focus will be on embedded intelligence and IT systems security to facilitate a fast roll-out of new architectures for future grids....
auto elettrica abb
Tue, 23/07/2013
by Petronilla Addeo   As every citizen knows, the quality of life in the city today is largely determined by the mobility. From this point of view, the e-mobility is definitely a new approach can bring considerable benefits and, to this end, it requires experimentation and technological...
basque country
Tue, 23/07/2013
Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) is the world reference network of nodes in social innovation whose board has decided this week to add the Basque consortium to its supreme governing body together with several organisations from Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. Basque Social Innovation (BIS) is a...
Smart agricuture
Mon, 22/07/2013
Integrating embedded systems into the IT infrastructure holds immense potential for the productive sectors of the economy. At the “Embedded World 2013” trade show in Nuremberg from 26 to 28 February, Fraunhofer researchers – using “Smart Farming” as an example –...
Thu, 18/07/2013
In a meeting in Cairo to announce, at the presence of main Egyptian Ministers, the EU Task Force Energy action plan of the Middle East, Italgen has been awarded for its pioneering role in the promotion of renewable energy. Mr. Giuseppe De Beni, Managing Director of Italgen, received the prize on...
Mon, 15/07/2013
by Petronilla Addeo The first step in obtaining Energy Efficiency is the definition of improvement goals, leading to the definition of a de facto energy policy in which you define the scope and limits of the energy management system. For the definition of objectives it is necessary to know the...
robot PV
Mon, 15/07/2013
Richmond, CA— Alion Energy, an innovative installation and maintenance service company that uses automated technologies to optimize utility scale solar plants, todayunveils ROVER and SPOT, a pair of patented robotic installation and cleaning technologies. Together, they enable the fastest...
wind turbine gear
Fri, 12/07/2013
Gearsolutions presents the innovations in the field of gears and the wind industry: the super-finishing as an ideal solution for gears and coatings in the new generation of wind turbines by Ignazio Cusimano Isotropic Superfinishing is considered a real opportunity: it is, for Gearsolutions, a...
solar fujian
Fri, 12/07/2013
Clenergy, the solar park solution provider, andCGN Solar Energy, China’s leading solar power provider, formally signed a cooperation agreement to develop solar power in Fujian with the New Energy Industry Alliance (formerly theHaixi New Energy Industry Alliance). This took place at the...

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