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Thu, 14/11/2013
- The global energy demand is set to rise by more than half by 2030 - At the same time, CO2 emissions from the energy sector are expected to increase by a quarter -Use of natural gas instead of coal for the production of energy would help to reduce the emissions compared to current levels -...
Sat, 09/11/2013
" Among young people 's hunger for Green economy . And meeting between the graduates and the world of education ' green ' attests . Many want to work in this area but there are still many doubts that the boys have to access it. That's why we offer Mastergem . " It 'as...
Energia dalle onde
Thu, 07/11/2013
by Dario Rossi The constant up and down of the waves is transformed into electrical energy is called Eposil ( Electroactive Polymers based on Silicon for power generation) and is a ' sheet ' able to absorb the compression and decompression caused by the waves. The project is a collaborative...
Wed, 30/10/2013
by Felice Lucia TerniEnergia , following the merger with TerniGreen , has features to provide a platform for aggregation at the international level that meets the expectations of the financial community and in particular the large institutional investors to allocate in the Green a part of their...
Logo MasterGem
Wed, 30/10/2013
Combining study and work in the Green economy , means taking a post-graduate vocational training . That's why Mastergem born , the master and shape the manager of the Green Economy. Now are the same former students to speak and tell after its finalization , such occasions are open on the front...
Tue, 22/10/2013
by Felice Lucia As the number of decentralized plants increases, the need for a smart grid . In the Smart Grid of the future , the generators will have to communicate with consumers and the network to ensure a stable supply . In fact, the network operators are also imposing new requirements on...
Tue, 08/10/2013
by Felice Lucia The main objective in the photovoltaic industry is to reduce costs in order to achieve grid parity and is all the more urgent since the disappearance of incentives. Up to now all chased lowering costs but is also important to increase the yield at the same cost , the target of the...
Microfotovoltaico a spina
Wed, 02/10/2013
by Massimo Berti This is the principle inventor of the micro PV "One Way" from self-energy one-way, consumption, avoiding any normative implication, or bureaucratic ease of use is its success. How many times, in comparison with the system and its complexity, the result of a continuous...
Tue, 01/10/2013
 Paris-Beijing, September 25, 2013 – Dalkia and Schneider Electric have announced the signature of a strategic agreement to develop the energy efficiency market in China. The agreement covers the pooling of the two companies’ respective expertise and  know-how in building...
Thu, 26/09/2013
It may seem contradictory but it is not. In times of crisis it is the training that can help to find work. This is demonstrated by Mastergem, the Master that trains managers of the green economy. According to some data in your job placement, in the first edition - that of 2012 - Two out of three...

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