IEA: Solar heating and cooling, in 2010, up 14%

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by Ignazio Cusimano

In the report 'Solar Heat Worldwide', published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), it is clear a worldwide increase of 14% of the Solar heating and Solar Cooling sectors, in the year 2010. From what the report says, the total capacity installed in the world, in 2010, amounted to 196 GWth.

The research performed on about 90% of Countries shows that the panels installed have yielded 162 TWh of solar heating energy and have allowed to prevent emission of CO2 in the atmosphere to the extent of about 53 million tons. The nation to lead the standings is China: in fact, in 2010, in the Asian Country, were installed solar collectors who provided energy equal to 117.6 GWth, while, in Europe, about 36 GWth. Europe and China together constitute about 78.5% of installations worldwide.

Other data that were collected from the report 'Solar Heat Worldwide' of 2010: They are the natural circulation systems to dominate the world market of sector, in fact, are enumerated new installations that reach the 89% of the total coverage of 2010, while the remaining 11% refers to forced circulation systems.

The IEA will present the roadmap for the sector, during a conference on solar heating and cooling of buildings and industries: the conference, SHC 2012, will be held from 9 to 11 July 2012, in San Francisco.

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