Rediscovering Tesla in Perugia a two-day energy of the electromagnetic waves

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Riscoprire Tesla

Over one hundred scientists from around the world gathered on campus to discuss Umbrian wireless connections in the first edition of the Wireless Power Transfer Conference

by Francesca Fiore 

Over a hundred scientists in Perugia, to discuss wireless connections, in a two-day workshops, training sessions and workshops. In the first edition of the Wireless Power Transfer Conference (IEEE-WPTC), hosted by the University of Perugia, it is called electromagnetic waves and how to use them to get a result on the fornt of the wireless connection. 

"It is a technique that eliminates cables for powering sensors and electrical equipment, transmitting the required power through electromagnetic waves," explained Professor Luca Roselli of High Frequency Electronics Lab, which opened the work of the conference. But how is it possible to use electromagnetic waves? "For example-explained Federico Foods, another organizer from the University of Perugia also giving the opportunity to recharge the batteries of electric cars without having to connect cables with heavy, but simply parcheggiandole on special pad". Also, you might electromagnetic energy generated in the environment because of the presence of radio stations for cellular telephony, WiFi link and radio stations.

Over sixty among the scientists present are from the east, dieici by the U.S., thirty from Russia and Europe: they are present at the conference in Perugia also important names, such as Takashi Ohira of Toyohashi University of Technology, or Zoya Popovic, University of Colorado in the USA. The conference was fully supported by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the most important center of scientific and technical research in the field of electrical engineering and electronics, who wants to become home to Perugia international exchange and sharing of resources, results and ideas in the field of energy without wires.

The vision of the scientists gathered in Perugia on 16 and 17 May is not, moreover innovative, but it comes from afar: lan technology of electromagnetic waves, in fact, comes from the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla in the period 1891-1901, so far set aside by the much of the scientific community, but rediscovered in the last decade, thanks to the enormous potential impact that this type of research could have in a world like this, compared to the situation of our societies in the early '900.


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