Container various uses by Phoenix International

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Struttura Container con 2 x 20 piedi high cube

Habitable container 

Already used in the past as makeshift homes after environmental disasters such as earthquakes or floods , the containers in recent years provide new ideas of designers and architects to design and build modern units and environmentally sustainable .
The use of containers as offices, workplaces or homes ensures early realization and an excellent result in the transition from design to reality, offering the advantage of the ad-hoc customization of each unit.

Store container 

More and more frequently , the containers are used as building blocks for architecture : designers and architects at an international level are making more and more use , using them to build spaces , offices and shopping centers around the world .
Through a team of architects and engineers Phoenix International proposes the creation of functional structures and pre-formatted according to the needs of their customers , designed to accommodate mobile restaurants , kiosks, but also boutiques and ateliers.
The containers are able to attract the attention and curiosity of passers result , inviting them to join .
Thanks to its experience , Phoenix International is able to satisfy every need , offering specific solutions and effective for all types of shops or commercial activities, events, exhibitions , both temporary and permanent.

Container for events

The container transformed can become a showcase for any type of product or service, a place where to live a positive and unique placed in key locations of high traffic , facilitate effective communication process based on a direct, visual and personal .
Countless applications where the container can be used: to provide information and documents, to disseminate culture and art, to sponsor events or sports products to create special choreography and performances , to enjoy a musical experience and exhibition stands .
The customization provides for the possibility to apply stickers or decals to use windows or side openings as well as the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors and decorative techniques.


Container various uses by

Container various uses by Phoenix International Because it's safe and cheap source to transfer items from one country to other country. Container have different sizes and different companies use it according to the products. Now in this article you told the best use of Container. Any way, I'm editing papers online and need some help to do that task in a good and very useful way.

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