Usage and applications of Biomethane

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by Enzo de Lucia

Biogas has many interesting aspects, becaus of its possible applications in different fields, in the energy and transport sectors. Its use in the field of energy makes it possible to generate electricity and thermal energy (heat), while in the field of transport it is used as an alternative to the common fossil fuels. 

The most widespread application, however, is the use of biomethane as fuel for the so-called co-generation (generation of electricity and thermal energy) and in distributed generation, that is the use of local resources (waste and organic waste) to be transformed into energy for use in a local area, without going through the national network. 

Cogeneration allows significant energy savings compared to separate production of the same amount of heat and electricity; globally,  the combined cycle (CC) allows to overcome 60% of the yield (35% electrical efficiency, and the rest in heat). For cogeneration,  both reciprocating endothermal engines (eight-cycle engines) and mini-gas turbines (small turbomachinery) may be used. The objectives of the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions make interesting use of biogas (appropriately adjusted) also in the transport sector. However, the biogas has to be be subjected to a special purification process from CO2 and water vapor, so as to increase the percentage of methane from 50-80% to 95-98%. In this case we no longer speak of biogas but of "biomethane": this is a gas with similar characteristics to those of the common natural gas and is suitable both for automotive and for release into the gas distribution network. The use of biomethane in vehicle engines, as an alternative fuel to oil, is an interesting possibility on the short to medium term, because it reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases. In fact,  the energy contained in 1 kg of methane allows to extend about 1.5 times the road that you can travel with 1 liter of petrol. This means that if a car travels an average of 14 km / l-petrol, it runs about 21-22 km with one kg of methane; also the price to the distributor of one kg of methane is significantly lower than that of a liter of petrol. 

In addition, according to data compiled, to travel 1 km of road with a supermini using fossil methane produces an emission of 130 g-CO2 / km; considering Biomethane derived from organic waste, emissions of greenhouse gas tends to almost zero (12-g CO2 / km) down to 0.012 kg CO2 eq. The comparison holds not only with gasoline and diesel (190-g CO2 / km and 170 g-CO2 / km, respectively), but also with ethanol from biomass; comparison with ethanol is relatively advantageous (39 kg CO2 / km). Many European countries, including Switzerland, Sweden and Germany, are investing a lot of resources in the Bio-CNG, to the point that in Sweden, in 2005, a train (an Italian technology!) was adapted to be powered by biomethane and is operating since then.

Even the introduction of Bio-CNG in urban networks of gas instead of  "traditional" methane is a great energy challenge. In Germany there are already several cases in which it was demonstrated the technical feasibility of Bio-methane networks in the service of small towns. In some European countries, the use of Bio-methane as motor fuel is already a reality. In Sweden, for example, about 17% of the biogas is used to produce biofuels (this percentage expected to rise more than 20%). 

In Switzerland, stations are spreading that supply gas consisting 50% of Bio-methane.

source: ISPRA e l’Università Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Pisa


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