Solar Modules and the advantage of AC inverter technology

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by Federica Palmisano

The research "Global PV Module Manufacturing 2013" conducted by GTM explains a trend in the power conversion and power electronics that support photovoltaic technology to improve high profit margins.

There are about 35gigawatts per year of modules in excess supply by about 180 original equipment manufacturer - conventionally definedOEM - whose have to find a way to compensate the margin collapse associated with the imbalance between supply and demand in the end of 2015.
According to Craig Lawrence, SolarBridge's chief, an alternative way to this situation is to incorporate in the original production an AC inverter module, the smallest and the most comprehensive in solar energy.
"Every major module manufacturer is in some stages of contemplating or sviluppo an AC module," explain SolarBridge's Lawrence, "With more of the system, they can INCREASE INCREASE Their Their revenues and margins."
The same SolarBridge Technologies has already been engaged a different type of partnership with a number of OEMs, such as SunPower and VenQ, and has agreements concerning the production of second-generation technology with Et Solar Mage Solar, Talesun, NESL, Eoplly, SolarTec and amd.
SolarBridge, however, is not unique in this field. Tigo Energy has also entered into various agreements with small, but exclusive partner lists manufacturers of solar panels, such as Trina Solar, Hanwha Solar One, Upsolar, Astronergy, DelSolar, Sunergy and Inventec.
"We currently have a technology partnership in place with Canadian Solar" says Annie Wilson Enecsys and adds, "We are also in discussions with Numerous other panel manufacturers but unfortunately I'm not at liberty to release Their names at the moment."
Increasingly original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are pursuing this alternative way to the power conversion whose allow not only to improve their profit margins but also of better quality in the use of renewable energy as the solar energy through the AC Inverter tecnologies.


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