I-Wind 20PW

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Generatore I-Wind 8PW

The wind turbine I-20KW Wind is designed and built at the Adventum Srl in Lecce, Italy. The system is composed of a three-bladed rotor in axis directed to a synchronous generator multipolar permanent magnet radial flow and installed on a support tower, in hot galvanized steel, with hydraulic tipping system, standard height equal to 24.8 meters.

The orientation to the prevailing direction of the wind is determined by a yaw system electromechanical and by a thrust bearing interface between the nacelle and the tower, controlled by an electronic system and by monitoring sensors (sensors and vane reference position) which ensure a stability sealing of the prevailing wind eliminating the interference: "Moderation partial electronic turbulence."

The power control is made possible by the yaw system, electronically controlled and monitored by the PLC on the basis of speed sensors and frequency and position sensors. The electric power Generated by Permanent Magnet Generator is transferred directly to an AC / DC / AC and from this, through protection systems, the electricity grid. The Inverter system keeps constantly monitored the network so as to ensure through a frequency converter the respect of the same and the input voltage in accordance with the nominal values ​​of the electrical network.

The new wind generator class I-Wind 20 kW, given its extreme compactness offers the possibility to realize installations of mini wind farms even in hard to reach places.

The advanced airfoil allows the turbine to reach even with moderate winds its rated power and to maintain thanks to the dual control "Pitch" and "Yaw" modulated electronically and electro implemented.

The system is equipped with sensors anemometric and direction and proximity detectors and allows the remote monitoring of real-time device.
Its tower, compact and modular features and easy assembly with a hydraulic lift "supplied to the technical service", allows both installation and maintenance without the intervention of expensive cranes or baskets, thereby reducing costs and enabling installation in mountain locations or difficult to access with ample funds.

Hot dip galvanizing and painting with technology (nanotechnology-based "Triplex") on all ferrous surfaces over time protects the structure from the elements and salt.

The inverter, PLC and all electrical power components are mounted in an IP66 case positioned at the base of the tower.

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