RENERGY AWARD for Innovation and Creativity at RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE

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RenEXPO romania

Outstanding personalities and renewable energy companies in Romania and abroad will gather at the Professional Networking Evening hosted by RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, where for the 2nd time the RENERGY AWARD will be offered. Through this award REECO, the event organiser wants to reward the initiative and creativity of those involved and who contribute to the renewable energy sector development in Romania.

RENERGY AWARD will be presented in two categories: to an Outstanding Personality and to an Innovative Technology. RENERGY AWARD offered to an Outstanding Personality, plays a central role in the industry and is characterized by constant commitment or special achievements in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The focus of this award is on those who have developed something with the heart, soul and creativity. RENERGY AWARD in the category of an Innovative Technology is open to all companies and products displayed at the trade fair RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE.
Those wishing to apply or propose key persons, experts or a company in the area may submit the application at, until the 31st of October 2013. The areas involved are: Solar Technology, Wind Energy, Biomass & Cogeneration and Hydropower.
More information about the biggest and most important event on renewable energy in Romania, the specialized conferences and about RENERGY AWARD you can find under:




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