High-efficiency cogeneration, an efficient tool to achieve the objectives of energy saving

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by Ignazio Cusimano 

The market for high-efficiency cogeneration annually saves more than 5 million tons of oil and more than 10 million tons of CO2

Italy, on the technological level, plays a pivotal role and leadership in what the European Parliament recognizes as CAR: "the combined production - says the GSE - is in fact regarded as an important measure among those needed to meet the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol and, for some time, the EU has included among its priorities the progressive diffusion of a correct combined production of electricity and heat. "  

Directive 2004/8/EC, in fact, is entirely dedicated to the promotion of cogeneration based on useful heat demand and introduces the concept of High Efficiency Cogeneration (CAR), which is the combined production of electricity and heat which guarantees significant savings primary energy compared to separate systems in a manner that, in the Italian legislation, are defined by Legislative Decree February 8, 2007, n. 20 as supplemented by Ministerial Decree of 4 August 2011

Moreover, the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency for 2011, confirming PAEE compared to the target of an annual energy savings of 0.54 Mtoe by 2016, considering in particular energy efficiency measures in industrial processes and cogeneration with the allocation of funds for incentives related to the same CAR in industrial environments.

Our country is in the top of the European ranking just for the cogeneration sector, as described by the Director of Fire, Di Santo: "The high efficiency cogeneration you see our country in a good position in the European market, with about 10 GW installed and additional 15 GW of cogeneration plants that recover at least a little 'heat, improving the efficiency of electricity production and reducing greenhouse gas emissions ", during the traditional meeting Polygen dedicated to high-efficiency cogeneration, which was held during the event Innovation Cloud at the Milan Fair on May 10.

Unfortunately, "The Community Directive of 2004 provides for a system of recognition of CAR much more complex than the previous one, which has taken aback many operators in the sector. In these cases it is essential that institutions and investors talk and find solutions to issues. Often what has happened and bodes well, but more is needed, because otherwise you will get the result paradoxically hinder the cogeneration rather than promoting it, which was the purpose of the Directive, "said Di Santo. 

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