The end of the Feed in scheme

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La fine del conto energia

The V Conto Energia ceases 30 days after the notice of the Authority, except for plants that come into operation during the period of closure

The Ministerial Decree of July 5, 2012 shall cease to apply, in any case within thirty calendar days from the date of reaching cumulative annual indicative financial cost of € 6.7 billion identified by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, based on the information provided by the GSE, in the manner referred to in paragraph 2, Article 1 of the Decree.
As stated in the "Rules Application for registration to the Registrar and access to tariffs DM 5 July 2012 (FIFTH CONTO ENERGIA)", will retain the right to be valued requests for incentives relating to:
facilities are not subject to enrollment in the Register, which will come into operation even after the date of the limit is reached, provided that they are received within 30 calendar days from the date of assessment of the achievement of the 6.7 billion euro;
It is understood the right, to the plants listed in a good position in the registers, not fallen, to apply for access to the tariffs. In this regard, however, is that, according to art. 4, paragraph 8 of the Ministerial Decree July 5, 2012, the entry into operation of these plants must be completed without fail, under penalty of forfeiture from enrolling in the Registry, within 1 year from the date of publication of the list.
In this regard, it should be noted that requests for incentive sent to the GSE after this deadline, or by the use of various communication channels from the computer portal designed for this purpose ( shall be deemed for the purposes of non-viable ' participation in the incentives.
Then you can submit a request for incentives, provided that the plant is already became operational at the time of the request for access to the incentive rates and that the same is received by the GSE no later than 30 calendar days from the date of assessment of the achievement of the limit of 6.7 billion euro.
The Decree shall terminate in any event, within thirty calendar days from the date of reaching the indicative cumulative cost of the incentives of € 6.7 billion per year (inclusive of the costs involved with those systems listed in a good position in the records). The date of reaching the predicted value of 6.7 billion Euros per year will be determined in the same manner provided for the achievement of the 6 billion euro (in Appendix B shows how to calculate the approximate cost of annual cumulative).
In addition, Article 20 of the Decree provides that the provisions of the previous decrees, should lead to an increase in the cost of the incentives indicative annual cumulative, shall cease to apply on the same date when he ceases to apply and also the Decree ie thirty calendar days from the date of achievement of the indicative cost cumulative annual shortfall of 6.7 billion euro.
Therefore, up to that date will be able to:
-Apply for recognition of tariffs in the manner of DM 5 May 2011 (Fourth Energy Account) for "small systems" and for plants under Titles III and IV of the decree came into operation from 1st June 2011 to the date of commencement of the fifth Conto Energia (27.8.2012), subject to the exceptions specified in the previous table;
-Apply for recognition of tariffs in the manner of DM 6 August 2010 (third in tariff) for plants came into operation from 1 January 2011 to 31 May 2011;
-Claim your prize combined with an efficient use of energy for plants allowed to tariffs under the preceding decrees (Decree 19 February 2007 DM 6 August 2010, DM 5 May 2011, respectively second, third and fourth Conto Energia).

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