Voltavent Voltabrì

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 Natural cooling of photovoltaic panels

Assembly of aluminium cross-sections, joints and membranes designed to create weatherproof roofs consisting of photovoltaic panels of all types, all makes and all sizes: the photovoltaic frame.

Easy to carry out maintenance work on the photovoltaic roof by allowing operators to walk on the mullions that can take the weight of a person weighing 100 kg in accordance with the regulations in force and to take down a single panel without undoing the fixings of surrounding panels.

Building integrated system
Complete weatherproofing through the photovoltaic modules
For framed/unframed modules
Patented system
Natural ventilation
Condensate recovery
Exclusive firebreak membrane
Template for cross-section installation
Clip fixing to allow for expansion
Pitch span: Cross-section up to 14 m then splicing with unlimited length
Simplicity of flashing sheets: No cutting to be done; adjustment by relative interlocking
Flexibility of cabling: In the direction of the rampant or horizontally through the mullions


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I have used assignment help

I have used assignment help uk and these frames. As I have a really big terrace and in the season of rain I find so difficult because most of the time my terrace was full with water. That is why I have covered half of my roof with these panels and no doubt these are just amazing and easy to use.

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