Kappa Mounting Systems

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Flexible application

Kappa readily allows the integration of unframed photovoltaic modules into
new and old roofs regardless of the type of roof covering.1 Kappa is mounted onto the existing roof battens and replaces the regular roof cladding.
Rapid mounting
All components (including the flashing) are pre-fitted according to the chosen PV module and module configuration. Further reduction in installation time and cost is achieved through a maximum of pre- assembly and the patented click-system of the support rails.
High impermeability
In terms of impermeability Kappa fulfils the requirements of conventional tile roofs. The special supporting profiles guarantee proper rear ventilation and rainwater drainage.
Individual array
The roof can be entirely or partly covered with modules. Essentially, all
connected module arrangements and integration of windows3 are possible.
Appealing optics
Levelling the modules with the roof covering, Kappa is the most appealing method of mounting PV modules.
Maximum service life
All profiles and flashings (aluminium), while being completely recyclable, guarantee maximum service life through their high resistance to corrosion.



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