Crane renewable energy

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Innovative, modern, practical, novelty, electricity independent – these are increasingly  used words today. The use of photovoltaic panels in the construction of ventilated facades will help for the decrease of the total energy cost of the building, and will in the meanwhile give a modern and neoteric design and will allow the building “to breath”. Implementing our novelty approach and high quality components we developed 2 versions of photovoltaic modules – with and without aluminum frame.


Product specification:


  • tempered prismatic glass

  • laminating foil – EVA

  • high quality silicon cells

  • laminating foil – EVA

  • protective foil




  • The photovoltaic module can be manufactured in different colors

  • Non-standard plates as per predetermined dimensions and shape

  • Possibility for producing glass plates/glass




  • Improving the building’s energy independence.

  • Modern design

  • Increase the property’s value

  • Allows for pleasant spatial and living comfort


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