4ft Roofing Tile Applied Solar

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Aesthetically Pleasing , Beautifully Integrated and Easy to Install

Applied Solar’s Roofing Tile is a unique product that maintains
the natural look of your property while generating clean,
safe, efficient electricity from the sun. The Applied Solar
Tile product line is designed for residential or commercial
sloped roofs, and photovoltaic tiles integrate with many
standard roofing materials.
Our roofing tiles are very competitively priced on an installed
per watt basis, and can go on virtually anything with a
sloped roof: re-roofs, retrofits or new home construction.
Manufacturing of our tiles is done by Suntech, the world’s
largest solar module producer, so you’re assured of the
highest quality and performance reliability.

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Integrating the solar power

Integrating the solar power panels in the roofs is something which Christchurch roofing too suggested. And after taking their advice, I think that I've been helped out plenty.

I didn't know that applied

I didn't know that applied solar solutions were something. The guys at rooferssthelens.co.uk did mention about them and now I'm thinking of upgrading. This would relieve me of electrical problems.

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