APER welcomes members of Assosolare and becomes assoRinnovabili

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The Assembly of APER welcomed yesterday in the late afternoon by a unanimous vote of the members of Assosolare (which last July 2 had unanimously decided to merge into APER) and has resolved to change the name in assoRinnovabili, in order to communicate more directly the activities of the Association. E 'was also amended the Articles, adapting to new organizational needs. In assoRinnovabili also suppliers of services, technologies and components have the same status as producers of energy. Six of the more than 60 new members entering the bodies of the Association and John Simoni becomes Vice President of assoRinnovabili.
Re Rebaudengo Augustine, President of assoRinnovabili (formerly APER), welcomes the route taken and the unity of purpose manifested by the Members of both teams. "We are confident that this important step - Re Rebaudengo states - will help to better support the next steps for the introduction of an adequate framework on imbalances, for the regulation of Efficient Systems of Power consumer and, in general, to promote the interests of a industry that has become a pillar of the country. "
"It was time to" mingle "with other renewable sources - says the new Vice Simoni - because no chain can think of to deal with autonomy in the challenges that await us in the coming years in terms of integration into and development of new technologies smart as the accumulation, control and management of utilities. With this transaction, we have become the largest industry association in the sector in Europe, where we hope to "weigh" more than in the past in the discussion about upcoming energy policy objectives. "

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