Imbalances: clarity is needed for producers

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As is well known the Lombardy Regional Administrative Court, in its judgment no. 1613/2013, given on an appeal brought by APER, and some ASSOSOLARE Associates, annulled the resolutions nos. 281/2012/R/EFR (redefining the application of the imbalance for non-programmable renewable sources) and 343/2012/R/EF (which defines the public procedures for identifying the supplier of last resort for the thermal year 2012-2013), stating the illegality of a system that treats programmable energy sources to those non-programmable in the determination of the imbalance.  "The pronunciation of the TAR Milan - says Agostino Re Rebaudengo , President of OPEN - goes in the direction we have already suggested the Authority under the consultation document to Resolution no. 281/2012 and in the course of several meetings with the same Authority.  We believe in the principle of greater accountability for producers in the planning stage, but its implementation could result, as noted by TAR, in the application of economic burdens discriminatory and poorly related to the characteristics of individual sources. "" We hope - concluded Rebaudengo - that the Authority may return any time soon on the matter following both the directions of the TAR, both in terms of what already suggested by APER. "" The TAR, with its pronunciation, has given a very clear indication - Giovanni Simoni, President of ASSOSOLARE - which must be upheld by the Authority . It is important to restore fairness among the sources of imbalance in the application of charges proportionate to their nature and characterization. We hope that this is the opportunity for a comparison with the Authority and for a healthy reflection on the state of the network and on the interventions be prepared so as to allow a healthy balance between diffuse sources in the interests of businesses and citizens. Finally it should be noted that we have reached a stage of maturity of non-programmable sources and it would be fair that these began to participate in the balancing of the network services " . Both associations agree on the need for a clarification from the Authority and that the GSE is of help to the producers so far in managing the effects produced by the application of Resolution no. 281. Especially we hope that already by the next few hours,  the producers will be given more concrete evidence about abstaining from fulfilling the obligations laid down by Resolution canceled, the suspension of invoices with their charges and procedures for the eventual repayment of amounts already paid.

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