Germany at risk blackout seeks help from Italy

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by Miriam Carraretto

Sometimes the balance is reversed. This is the case of these days, after Germany was forced to seek help from our country to avoid blackouts in southern Länder. After the swing in the spread which in recent months has kept Italy stuck in Berlin, this time we are the "saviors".

The German problem is related to erratic production from renewable sources. The mix of clean energy in Germany, heavily skewed on solar and wind power, creates problems of balance between production and consumption, so that the German operator of electric transport, TransnetBW, had to enter into negotiations with italian Terna for the purchase of spare capacity in case of particularly cold days with high load on the network.

In and around Berlin, just to avoid the risk of blackouts, new plants in lignite, coal and natural gas have been builded, but "imbalances introduced by the non-programmable sources are such as to require a contribution from abroad”, said the president of Assoelettrica, Chicco Testa. 

“In this case, the power in Italy, the result of a decade of investment in gas fired plants of high efficiency, proves to be a useful asset not only to our country".

The case demonstrates, once again, as the development of the power system requires "a lot of attention and a good deal of caution".

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