Rome, 67th Conference about Traffic and Circulation

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di Federico Gonzo

Was held in Rome, in recent days, the 67th Conference about Traffic and Circulation. Organized by ACI, took part in more than twenty speakers and 350 professionals, public and private. The topic of the conference and the interventions took the moves from the study "Smart mobility in smart cities", created by the working group of Fabrizio Caracciolo for Acis.

Have occurred many personalities from the world of transport, to which are added the Minister of Research and University Francesco Profumo, the secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Environment, Land and Sea Tullio Fanelli and Undersecretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Guido Improta.


There is a smart city without a proper integrated and smart mobility, this is the main assumption of the meeting. Smart city is a model of the city where the movement of people and goods is optimized, efficient and at the service of respecting the environment, using the best infrastructure in the area supported by new technologies. Unfortunately in our country, this objective is not among the first on the political agenda, only 22% of the resources allocated to transport in the regions of Southern Italy are employed in projects of smart mobility, too little. In contrast, local governments devote about 50% of its resources in upgrading transport and infrastructure.

"The vision of the Smart City- thus opening the conference, the Minister Profumo- the scientific and technological system must base its capacity for research and innovation, addressing the major social and economic challenges of today: the reduction of emissions through clean technologies, infrastructure for intelligent mobility, the creation of more sustainable urban models and innovative. "


Some data indicate that the ACI smart mobility can improve the transport situation,

70% of the daily commute is less than 10 km and 50% occur within a single municipality, in the city the average speed of vehicles is only 7 km / h, thus creating queues and traffic jams, this testifies to the inefficiency of public transport in short distances within the same local Municipality.


The ACI is conducting a pilot project in the city of Montecatini Terme, in the province of Pistoia. The choice fell on this city because it has the typical difficulties and problems of Italian municipalities: commuter traffic, tourist events and trade fairs, close to a major motorway junction and industry. The project includes a research center, and information on the mobility of the joint, installing electronic billboards that "guide them" people looking for car parks, roads less traveled, information on trafficking of the bus or the presence of points shaaring car. It 'also provided an on-line that provides for payment of practical cars and motorcycles and to report on the situation of trafficking in "live".

The use of ICT in mobility on a national scale, may be 10 years at an affordable cost to local governments, this would increase by about 20% transport efficiency, lowering the traffic on the main roads, thus raising the productive capacity City of a few percentage points.




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