'Rio+20': United Nations Conference

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Between environmental sustainability and economic progress

by Ignazio Cusimano 

'Rio +20' is an opportunity to analyze progress and potential of the market for sustainable energy. The United Nations Countries will join in a conference in Rio de Janeiro, exactly 20 years later (1992), from 20 to 22 June 2012.

Among the arguments that will be addressed at the conference: to evaluate the proposals to counter the lack of access to sustainable energy, focus of development and foundation for the economy of billions of people, where 'increasing access' is equivalent to facilitate social development and economic progress of all countries; to achieve energy and economic development; to protect the environmental balance of our planet through a joint effort of governments (evaluating and implementing ways of sustainability) and society. Also, it is necessary to establish new goals, to assess past gaps to face new challenges, in line with the recommendations that came to light in previous world summits on sustainable development. 

The two main themes of the 'Rio+20' Conference:

"A Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication", then a combination of environmental respect, sustainability and economic and social progress.

The "Institutional framework for sustainable development" that includes all those activities and legislation designed to regulate, implement and monitor development.

At the Rio Conference will also present Eni: the company intends to demonstrate its capabilities in innovative solutions that can synthesize environmental sustainability and economic progress. For example, transforming the practice of 'gas flaring', that is not environmentally sustainable, in a real business potential.



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