A study says: wind power is cheaper than PV

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by Alessandro Romeo

A study published last month in "Nature Climate Change" argues that the cost of producing wind energy is two times lower than that for the production of solar energy. The study authors have pointed out that the diversification of technologies and the host countries is one of the topics on the agenda of the Clean Development Mechanism program that brings together a total of 3.500 projects in over 70 countries. The researchers, who come from the Institute of Technology in Zurich, studied the basic costs of current energy resources in Brazil, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nicaragua and Thailand - including the costs of national subsidies for fuel - and they divided into costs coming from wind farms and those from the PV.

The choice of these countries is due to the wide variety of land, to the degree of economic development and the current change in energy use. According to what was said by the authors of the study, in 2010 the photovoltaic energy cost from 2.2 to 4.5 times more than the wind one coming from these countries and the differential will not fall before 2020. However, assuming the conversion of the entire energy flow in traditional wind turbine, in the six countries involved were found significant differences in costs at the national level.
In Kenya and Nicaragua, with wind power would be saved much because the basic cost of traditional energy is very high. The same applies to Brazil, India and Thailand.
That's less valid for Egypt, where the comparison is contaminated by the fact that wind power costs more and the energy is obtained from oil and high emissions coal.
Oliver Waissbein of Energy and Environment Group of the UN Development Programme commented: "This study clearly shows that whoever is in charge of energy policies would have a field-to-date data on electricity costs divided by individual countries." 



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