Scame columns for recharging electric cars at the Port of La Spezia

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SCAME PARRE SPA has completed the supply of three columns and cord-set for recharging electric Nissan Leaf in the port of La Spezia.

The arrival of electric mobility at the port of La Spezia is just the first of a series of initiatives that will mark an important step in ecological and environmental improvements  in the design of the port area. The project "Green Port" also envisages the development of other initiatives for the environmental support such as the production of energy from renewable sources (solar, wind), the adoption of energy-efficient lighting systems, and, more generally, the improvement of the energy systems of the port of La Spezia. Two zero-emission 100% electric Nissan Leaf , available to employees of the AP, inaugurate the fleet, which will be used in the movements within the areas merchant. The cars have an autonomy of about 175 km, a maximum equivalent to 80 hp. and their recharge times vary between 6 and 8 hours. To complete the electric fleet, ther will be soon some electric buses that will transport operators by two designated parking areas within the external port. The cars will be recharged with photovoltaic panels that are already installed in parking areas and warehouses of the port: they will charge the battery through the charging stations for electric vehicles Scame New Mobility, a leader in the field of charging infrastructure for sustainable mobility for over ten years.
Scame's path in the research and development of dedicated connectors to electric mobility started long time ago. The company was founded in 1963 for the production of components and systems for electrical installation; since 1998, it has committed to support a new eco-friendly mobility that could minimize the environmental impact. Sustainability and environmental awareness, but also improving the quality of life, are the drivers that have pushed Scame Parre Spa to enter the field of charging systems for electric vehicles, in the late 90's.
To confirm this commitment, today all products Series FREE Scame have been validated ZE Ready by the automotive group Renault-Nissan; this is a document certifying the compatibility between vehicles and charging stations.


It would be easy now to recharge EVs at La Spezia. Though there are not much Evs here but the existing were facing problem to recharge their vehicles. Installation of Scame columns will solve this problem. EVs are getting popular as these are environmental friendly and needs zero maintenance. Good to read it! Keep updating. European Auto Repair Portland, OR.

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Electric cars are very popular nowadays due to the unpredictability of fuel price in every now and then. Most importantly due to use of more number of diesel vehicles, the environment getting polluted and to overcome this use of Electric charged vehicle is a good option no doubt as this will be Smokeless and we can call the green vehicle. German Auto Specialist

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