Eco friendly ships even for shipowners

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by Carmine Lorenzo

The efficiency processes do not spare anyone, nor even less the shipping sector. The IMO - International Maritime Organization has been demanding lower emissions to the shipowners.

The answer to these requirements will be the gradual replacement of the current fleet with ships at lower fuel consumption but also to lower costs.

Handymax bulk carrier (40-60 thousand tonnes capacity) typically consumes 30 tons per day of fuel. The same ship model, but realized today with the criteria of the current rule, can consume about 24 tons, coming to save $ 1 million a year. A tanker of the same size went from a consumption of 34 to 22 tons per day with a modern model. In this case, the savings can reach two million dollars.

Multiplying the numbers to an entire fleet, you see how attention to emissions also represent a significant savings for owners. Said the president of the IACS, which brings together the 13 most important classification societies worldwide.



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The production of those Eco-friendly ships would definitely help the environment. Oh, well the superior writing mentioned to me recently how incremental could it prove if we're able to do everything as they're meant to.

Well lowering the emmision is

Well lowering the emmision is needed because our environment is beng polluted already. Its good that shipping and freight companies will follow this, renewable and eco friendly fuel will just cost less compared to the normal fuel of ships that is used by shipping lines. They also need to have a good supply chain here.

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