Air transport in the Emission Trading Scheme 2013-2020

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by Laura Crisci

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC), the transportation sector produces about one-sixth of the global emissions of greenhouse gases. No coincidence that the sources subject to emission reduction commitments adopted under the Kyoto Protocol to expressly include the transport sector.

With the beginning of 2012 also the European sector dell'aviotrasporto enters the EU- ETS in implementation of Directive 2008/101/EC . At present, the requirements relating to aviation in the EU ETS , valid from January 1, 2013 and intended to aircraft operators administered by Italy , are contained within the Legislative Decree of 13 March 2013, n . 30 , national implementation of the Directive 2009/29/EC amending Directive 2003/87/EC , which entered into force April 5, 2013 .

According to D. Decree 30/2013 , the National Committee for the Management of Directive 2003/87/EC and support in managing project activities under the Kyoto Protocol (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee ETS " ) acts as the Competent Authority for national implementation of the EU ETS for the aviation industry.

All operators carrying out an aviation activity listed in Annex I of the Legislative Decree No. 30/2013 are included in the EU ETS emission allowances (all flights arriving and departing from an airport situated in the territory of the European Union, with the exclusion of free flights as indicated in the said Annex).

The European Commission shall draw up annually a list of aircraft operators which performed aviation activities included in the scope, assigning each operator to the administration of a Member State . The updated list of aircraft operators was adopted by the Commission Regulation (EU ) No 815/2013 of the European Commission August 27, 2013 .

According to Art. 34 of Legislative Decree 30/2013 , by 31 March each year, the aircraft operator shall submit to the competent authority administered by Italy a communication issues related to aviation activities carried out during the previous year , monitored in accordance with the monitoring plan approved by the Committee and to the ETS Regulation 601/2012 . The emission report must be accompanied by the statement of verification issued by an accredited verifier . D. Decree 30/2013 provides that the annual reporting of emissions, as well as data communications tonne- kilometer , verified by an accredited verifier . According to Art. 35 of Legislative Decree 30/2013 , the auditors must be accredited by ACCREDIA , national accreditation body designated pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 765/2008.

By April 30 of each year, all aircraft operators administered by Italy are required to surrender an amount of allowances equal to the total emissions in the previous year . The return of the shares is made through the account of the Operator with the Registry of the Union. According to Art. 28 of Legislative Decree 30/2013 , the National Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research ( hereinafter " ISPRA " ) will act as the administrator of the Italian section of the registry of the Union.

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 7 D. Decree 30/2013 , and based on the parameters set by the European Commission , the Committee has determined the amount of allowances to be allocated free of charge for 2012 and for the period 2013-2020 to aircraft operators administered by Italy claimants.

On December 29, 2011 was approved Resolution 36/2011 on the allocation of allowances free of charge to aircraft operators administered by Italy : in Annexes 1 and 2 of that deliberation are given free allowances determined in reference to 2012 and the period 2013-2020 . These shares are issued , according to Art . 9 of Legislative Decree 30/2013 , the aircraft operator is entitled by February 28 of each year.

According to Art. 8 D. Decree 30/2013 , can apply for a free allocation of allowances from the " Special Reserve " in relation to the reference period 2013-2020 :
a) aircraft operators administered by Italy that have begun to exert an aviation activity listed in Annex I of the Legislative Decree 30/2013 after 2010 , and whose activity is not ' a continuation of all or part of an aviation activity previously performed by another operator ;
b ) aircraft operators administered by Italy whose data tonne- kilometer data increases by an average of more than 18 per cent a year between the base year for which the data have already been sent tonne- kilometer (2010) , and the second calendar year of the current reference period (2014) , and whose activity is not ' a continuation of all or part of an aviation activity previously performed by another operator.

Applications must be submitted to the Committee within ETS June 30, 2015 , accompanied by data verified tonne - kilometer data from aviation activities carried out in 2014.



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