Photovoltaics in Romania took a leap

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by Enzo de Lucia

By the end of September, renewable energy in Romania has reached a total of 3,393 MW. Within the total, representing 2,307 MW wind power, photovoltaics a total of 553 MW, about 480 MW small hydro and biomass projects are only 53 MW, according to data from Transelectrica. The photovoltaic industry has experienced a significant development this year, from a total installed capacity of 49.3 MW to 553 MW in September 2013. According to a previous report published by Transelectrica at the end of June, 450 solar projects for a total of 2.66 GW are currently under development in Romania. The developers of these systems have signed contracts to connect to the network, but are not yet in operation.
According to data published by Transelectrica, 1.10.2013 at the largest photovoltaic project in Romania has a functional capacity of 45 MW and 78% of the shares of this company are controlled by Samsung.

source:  Transelectrica


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