Mastergem, here is how to transform the environment in resource

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The conference at the City of the economy in Rome

"We want the environment to be transformed to resource constraints." E 'with these words that John Hausmann, Director of Mastergem, the master and shape the manager of sustainable development, opened the proceedings of the conference "Youth, education and work: the treasures of the green economy," held yesterday in the City of Rome 'Another economy. It was an opportunity to draw the lines of the future development of the green economy starting from these three aspects - young people, training and work - which according Mastergem, who organized the event, are deeply intertwined for the revival of the economic policies of the country . For Eugene Patané, chairman of the Education and Youth Policy of the Regional Council of Lazio, "the green economy is one of the active policies of the European Community for development and growth. It is well suited to Italy, because it is not the policy 'sapling' but that to the culture and development of the territory. " Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, president of the Foundation Univerde, stressed the role of tourism in sustainable development and said that "on this issue Italy has a great potential, as well as on the domestic market, also on the European and international level." To Livio de Santoli, professor at the University La Sapienza, "the desire to do in times of crisis is very important. In five years we have made renewable energy the last hundred years. This is a change unstoppable but there are resistance to change that we have to win. " To follow the project was presented Eeplus promoted by Livio De Santoli within the course of Technical Equipment of the Faculty of Architecture of the University Sapienza and illustrated their own project related to some greenhouses with solar photovoltaic system. The day - after the graduation of Mastergem 2012 edition and an illustration of some of their project work - saw the boys who attend the Masters this year to present the work of the Communication on Green economy promoted along with the daily science news Dailye that will lead kids to make a publication of three good practices implemented by companies Illycaffè, Barilla and Coop. In the afternoon it was the highlight of the round table "Youth policy and the green economy" coordinated by Luciano Cerasa, director of Working. Speakers: Andrea Toma, Head of the Technical Support, training and innovation CENSIS, Raffaele Scamardi, senior manager of trails Spa, Ludwig Bargagli the city of Grosseto, Luca Lo Bianco, project manager Replica, Andrea Ferrara, National Agency for young, Manuela Welcome, coordinator of the Youth Forum Regional Council of Lazio, Manuela Giacobbi, in charge of operational Bic Lazio, Thomas Bell, head of the department of environment and competitiveness Cna, Massimo La Nave, researcher Cittalia (ANCI Research Foundation ).

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