Minimum environmental criteria for the purchase energy services calls for tenders

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Published in the Official Gazette n.74 of 28 March decree MATTM the "National Action Plan for Green Public Procurement (GPP NAP), adopted by the Ministerial Decree of 11 April 2008 (OJ No. 107 of 8 May 2008): "Adoption of the minimum environmental criteria to be included in notices of Public Administration for the purchase of energy services for buildings - lighting and power service - service of heating / cooling".

The "Action Plan for the environmental sustainability of consumption of public administration has been drawn up, welcoming the indication in the European Commission Communication" Integrated Product Policy, develop the concept of environmental life cycle "(COM (2003) 302 ), pursuant to paragraph 1126, Article 1 of Law 296/2006 (Finance Act 2007) from the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea has developed through an extensive process of consultation with local authorities and stakeholders and with the collaboration of other relevant ministries (Economy and Finance and Economic Development) and the local facilities and technical support (CONSIP, ENEA, Ispra, ARPA).

The NAP GPP provides a general framework on Green Public Procurement, defines national objectives, identifies the categories of goods, services and works of intervention priorities for environmental impacts and consumer spendingupon which to define the 'minimum environmental criteria'.
It sets out specific requirements for public bodies, which are expected to:

carry out an analysis of their needs with the aim of rationalizing consumption and promote decoupling (the dissociation between economic development and environmental degradation).

identify the functions responsible for the implementation of GPP involved in the buying process.

establish an internal program to implement specific actions within the GPP.

In particular, calls on provinces and municipalities to promote energy efficiency measures at the school buildings of competence

For the definition of minimum environmental criteria and establishes a procedure establishing two ad hoc bodies, who are also taking additional tasks (see management section of the PAN), so as to enable them to meet the peculiarities of the national production system, while taking into account the indications of the European Commission (the minimum environmental criteria incorporate the basic criteria of the European toolkit).

The plan also has provisions for annual monitoring to verify the application, with its analysis of environmental benefits and training and dissemination activities to be carried out on national territory.
Preliminary Action Plan, a study report prepared for the Ministry.

The Dm 7 March 2012 provides the minimum environmental criteria, operational since March 28, 2012, the Public Administration should include in invitations to tender for the product categories listed in section 3.6 of the Plan for the purchase of energy services for buildings in particular services such as lighting and heating and cooling. The use of the criteria contained in the decree defines that contract "Green".

The criteria are divided into four different boards, two for lighting and power service, and two for the service of heating and cooling. Each tab is divided with the signs on the subject of the contract, qualification requirements for the selection of the candidates, environmental techniques that help to qualify the contract as being green, technical specifications which receive a score bonus, performance conditions and contractual clauses.

They were inspired by the principle of the need to contribute to different objectives, such as saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving the process of transforming primary energy into useful energy, improvement of process energy use, reduced use of natural resources, reduction of environmental impacts throughout the entire lifecycle of products and services, development of renewable energy sources.

But the decree considers that the most economically advantageous tender is still particularly recommended for award.

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