Fifth "Conto Energia": next closing of the window of the first register

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by Ignazio Cusimano

The end of the first register window of the fifth  "Conto energia" is scheduled for tomorrow, September 18.

The Dm July 5, 2012, the fifth "Conto energia" which regulates the provision of incentives to photovoltaic plants, is operating since last August 27.

The provision of incentives is possible up to the maximum of 6.7 billion in total: as have already been paid about € 6 billion and € 100 million, the proposed budget is rather skimpy. Have less than 600 million euro for those who wish to make a request and enjoy the facilities.

To see if you can enjoy such facilities, are available, since last August 7, 2012, the Rules Application for registration to the Registrar and the recognition of tariffs, issued by the Manager for energy services.

Among the prominent differences with previous Conto Energia is precisely the type of incentive: an all-inclusive tariff energy fed into the grid and a premium on the self-consumed, the "Prize for their own consumption". In particular, the Decree provides for roof systems with power ranging between 1 and 3 kW, a rate of 20.8 euro cents per kW/h (the highest), while 11.3 euro cents per kW/h for ground installations that can supply a greater than 5 MW. Plants "integrated with innovative  skills" will enjoy rates ranging from 28.8 euro cents per kW/h (power up to 20 kW) and 25.5 euro cents per kW/h (power between 200 and 5000 kW).

Can access directly to the incentive rates all plants that provide power up to 12 kW, while, those that exceed this limit must apply for entry in the register and be part of a list of specific criteria: more favorable to roof systems with energy certification class "D", especially when combined with the removal of asbestos roofing (top three priorities), plants of components made ​​in the European Union and (fifth priority) those that are built on contaminated land, military, exhausted landfills, abandoned mines.

In connection with the announcement, the GSE has posted some clarification of the systems installed on the buildings and on the Public Administration's areas, and to the grounds for list's exclusion.



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