Ports. The Northern Sardinia focuses on sustainability

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Approved by the Port Authority the three-year plan for the revitalization and reducing the environmental impact of structures

by Francesca Fiore

Develop port infrastructure by adapting it to environmental sustainability criteria is possible: the Port Authority of Northern Sardinia it has made with the Three-Year Operational Plan 2013 - 2015 adopted on 31 October. With the document, the Agency sets targets for the next three years, synthesized in three categories: working with the adaptation of infrastructure and administrative concessions, proceed to the reduction of emissions through the use of energy from renewable sources, to develop further services and promotional campaigns for the revival of the port.
As far as infrastructure is expected to approve the regulatory plans port of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres, whose guidelines are currently under Strategic Environmental Assessment, and the strengthening of certain infrastructures as in Porto Torres, for which they been allocated 3 million and 500 thousand euro. The licenses expired or renewed annually will be renewed regularly by the end of the year, in order to ensure a more stable framework for investors. In addition, new concessions will be activated to improve services for passengers.
With regard to the impact of structures and vessel traffic, has already started a study to evaluate the feasibility of an intervention and electrification of the piers, the prospect of intervention in favor of European standards of environmental sustainability of ports. Finally, as regards the increase in travel and promotion, Pot tip on cruise traffic, again an increase on the decline in recent years: in addition to marketing campaigns, which, however, must be compatible with the goals of reducing spending public, the document calls for further investment in infrastructure needed to encourage the routes and safely receive cruises.



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