Presentation of master's degree in higher apprenticeship in energy management

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A new model of integrated training academy-enterprises: Master's degree in Energy Management from the University of Bologna (Department of Industrial Engineering) is the first Master's level dell'Alma Master where you can use the contract of apprenticeship high. The graduates may be engaged under fixed by businesses and at the same time form one of the key themes of SMEs: energy efficiency, for environmental protection and industrial competitiveness. 

The master will be presented June 28 by the Department of Engineering and the Consortium Industriuale Bolognese Energy Galvani during the seminar "virtuous relationships between business and universities in times of crisis": the meeting will bring together the most important players in the area, from business representation to the Region Emilia-Romagna, the University, to present a new model of specialized training academy-integrated enterprise, on an issue of fundamental importance such as energy management and energy efficiency in particular. The seminar will be an opportunity to present projects and studies of those organizations that have invested in energy best practices for reducing emissions, making it an essential objective of their mission, in line with the most advanced European countries and with the EU objectives and global environmental protection.

In this sense, will be presented the activities promoted by Automobili Lamborghini-in collaboration with the University of Bologna - committed to making its economic and business conform to the preservation and to the continuous improvement of the environmental conditions and energy efficiency, creating a integrated strategy for the environment is based on innovation of processes is the product, with the goal of reducing by 35% the CO2 emissions of cars Lamborghini and make the whole plant CO2 neutral by 2015.

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