PA: with innovative solutions LED lighting costs are lowered

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With its innovative solutions Led Performance in Lighting, a multinational company in the lighting industry, it is proposed as a reference point for managers of public administration to develop lighting designs that allow a concrete energy and cost savings. The guidelines of the draft Performance in Lighting will be presented during a panel discussion held in Milan on May 30, attended by representatives of institutions and experts 

The Public lighting represents a significant cost for the municipalities. Strong skills of its department of research and development, Performance in Ligthing today is a referent which the public administrations can turn to analyze the situation of street lighting, study the needs according to the applicable regulations and take advantage of a redevelopment project complete financial focus on investment, with the dates and times of the savings in money and energy.
This important development will be presented at the round table "How to cut the cost of public lighting" to be held on May 30, starting at 17:30, at the showroom in Milan Performance in Lighting (Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 73). The meeting is open to the local government and their technicians, system designers and all those who work in the area of?? Public lighting. It also aims to shed light on various aspects of modernization, so that the government will be able to assess the cost of the redevelopment of the facilities.

The roundtable is part of a series of meetings on the topic of public organized by Performance in Lighting by Clotilde Binfa, contract manager and area of ​​the showroom and contact with the speakers of the event. Among these is the name of Mario Bonomo, Professor of Lighting Design and considered the leading expert on street lighting thanks to a major course of study in the distribution of electricity, started very young in the 50s.

Says Francesco Scelsi, commercial director of Italian Performance in Lighting: "The technical innovations and regulations that occurred in recent years can save significantly the cost of public lighting. But the municipalities have difficulties to allocate the necessary resources and often do not have reliable data on the costs of retraining and on the consequent benefits that can be drawn. Our proposal, focused on the production level of lighting on the transition from conventional to LED, comes to provide all the answers on the subject to those who manage the public administration. Performance in Lighting, in short, is able to provide quality lighting, reduce maintenance costs, reduce the cost of electricity, the plants adapt to modern needs, get a payback period less than the average (last 6/7 years, now 4.5 years). "

Alessia says Usuelli, marketing manager of Performance in Lighting: "Having the ability to host events like this, enjoying the patronage of Aidi, and the strong presence of people and companies such as those that have agreed to sit at the discussion table, is for us source of great satisfaction because further confirmation of the theme plays at the national level and the confidence that agencies and organizations super-partes give today to our desire to give a concrete answer to the needs of reality in a smaller size compared to cities like Milan and Rome, but in turn capable of representing the interests of municipalities, communities and consortia who are to represent. "

The speakers of the meeting are, in addition to the previously mentioned Mario Bonomo, are: Chiara Bertolaja (lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano), the architect Lorenzo Polla, the architect Margherita Suss (Member Executive Committee AIDI) the architect Laura Blaso (researcher at? ENEA Ispra) and Simonetta Fumagalli (researcher at? ENEA in Ispra.

The intervention of Chiara Bertolaja will focus on the process of redevelopment of public lighting systems for the municipalities and the obstacles still in force on the subject. What Mario Bonomo, in particular, the costs and savings of the redevelopment of a plant. Lorenzo Polla will focus on the prospects for what may be called a? Lighting "aware", characterized by ad hoc diagnosis, automation and energy saving; Margherita Suss will outline the plan of public lighting, while Simonetta Fumagalli and Laura Blaso face the theme of lighting comfort that can ensure visual performance and well-being of end users.

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