Covenant Coordinators: crucial contributors to the Covenant of Mayors success

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Covenant of Mayors

The Covenant of Mayors can be heralded as a groundbreaking movement, not only  because it has fostered the emergence of wide-ranging cooperation platforms at local,  regional and European levels, but also because of the substantial boost it has given to 
multi-level governance in Europe and beyond.
Provinces, regions and other Covenant Coordinators are key to the success of the  initiative, notably in terms of:

- the promotion they do of the Covenant in their territory;

- increasing the Covenant of Mayors Office capacities by providing decentralised support on the ground and ensuring tailored interaction with thousands of signatories;

- support provided to signatories including technical assistance for example through the organisation of dedicated workshops, or the development of SEAP-related tools and methodologies;

- mobilising other stakeholders - such as energy agencies, private companies and universities - which can bring customized expertise to local authorities;
Signatories’ access to funding sources is also facilitated by Coordinators which often act  as Managing Authorities of EU Structural Funds and can thus decide to allocate EU 
funding to Covenant-related activities.
Likewise, Coordinators are the relevant interface to relay Covenant Signatories’ funding and legislative priorities to the European Institutions, thus influencing policy development from the bottom-up. Coordinators are asked to comment on the barriers and needs to the European Commission which helps shape the future of the initiative.



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