From sugar to diesel

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A technique of one hundred years ago gives new boost to green mobility

by Federico Gonzo

From explosives to green mobility, this is possible thanks to a process that was used to create explosives about a hundred years ago, in 1914, invented by chemist Chaim Weizmann, as it was transformed starch into explosive is now possible convert sugar into bio-diesel. The news, appeared in the important scientific English journal, is destined to wreak havoc in the scientific community that is dedicated to green mobility.

The research group is coordinated by the American tough Dean of the University of California at Berkeley, made by chemists and engineers claim that the product can be marketed in 5-10 years.

Weizmann used the bacterium Clostridium acetobutylicum to ferment starch to sugars to transform in acetone, butane and ethanol. From these three elements is called the transformation process called ABE. This technique was used by the British to produce a substitute for gunpowder.

The working group led by TOSTE has developed a method, using the technique of Weizmann, to extract acetone and butanol from sugars to then convert these substances in a mixture of hydrocarbons similar to that of diesel. The tests conducted in the laboratory, have shown that the mixture burns as the normal petroleum-based products. The process is very versatile, it allows the use of different renewable raw materials, such as the glucose content in the corn sugar and sucrose sugar cane, even non-food feedstocks such as grass and wastes from the processing of cellulose.



It's a good news we are not staying on the one place. The progress is rapidly go ahead. And as were written at ukbestessays reviews we don't know what future will bring to us.

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